Question about ingregation of EggMenu code into GTK+

I made the changes of EggMenu to integrate it into GTK+, but
I have a couple of doubts as follow:

There are parts in EggMenu (action, markup, menumerge and
toggleaction) that depends on EggToolbar.  Well, I made 
the changes on EggToolbar to integrate them, but EggToolbar
depends on EggUtils (only EggMarchalers)... So I changed, too.

All works fine, but to integrate EggMenu into GTK+ we need
(I guess) to integrate EggToolbar first, or, remove the
dependencies from EggMenu.

The example is very useful if includes the EggToolbar, 
because they are very related.

OTOH, what would it happed with name space if EggMenu is
translated to GtkMenu? does it matter?

Any comments? Do I doing anything wrong?


Germán Poó Caamaño
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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