Re: Usefulness of multi-display (desktop) support in GDK/Win32

> From: Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi>
> Please, some comment, somebody?
> Let me rephrase the question in terms more familiar to Linux users:
> Assume one could run several X servers on the same Linux machine at
> the same time, using the same display(s), keyboard and mouse, but on
> different "virtual consoles" (the ones you switch using
> control-F1..F12, IIRC).

This is, in fact, possible.

> Can you think of an application that would
> benefit from having windows open simultaneously on several virtual
> consoles?

Under X, this would be no different than having windows open on
several different machines. The cases where I've seen that
done have mostly been multiplayer games.

Ron Steinke

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