Re: Table menu patch for GtkMenu

Am Son, 2003-08-03 um 03.24 schrieb Kristian Rietveld:
> Oh, I forgot to mention this in my previous mail. The "algorithm" to
> decide to which menu item to move to isn't very good right now (as you
> also noticed ;). So I am wondering what exactly the "expected" behaviour
> is. I am sure some people have input on this, so I can implement it.

The minimal requirements are being able to go from the left edge of the
menu to the right edge by pressing the right arrow often enough...the
only other thing I'd expect is to keep an overall horizontal direction.
A very simple approach would be to look at the first cell occupied by
the current item and visit all items occupying the same row/column in

Two more questions regarding table menus:

* How does your code handle submenus attached to items which don't
extend to the right edge of the menu ? There is a conflict between
"right arrow moving into the submenu" and "right arrow moving the right
neighbor in the table".

* Do we need vertical separators in menus ? I guess we do, if we want to
allow columned menus ?


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