Re: How to align columns in a GtkTreeView widget?

Owen Taylor wrote:

On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 06:29, Boszormenyi Zoltan wrote:
Also, how to override the format string of a GtkCellRendererText displaying numeric (int, float, double) values?
If you promise to write up FAQ entry on this and send it to
gale gtk org, I'll forgive you for asking on gtk-devel-list ;-)

See, e.g.:

It shouldn't be hard with a little API doc reading to expand that answer
and come up with a small code example.

[ Possible gtk-devel-list relevant idea ... this comes up so often,
I wonder if we should just add ::number ::number-set and ::number-format properties to GtkCellRendererText ]

OK, here it is. ;-)

Zoltán Böszörményi

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