Floating widget?

Is there any need or desire for a floating container that would allow for
something like MSIE's Image Toolbar? You can see this in newer version (>=5?)
of MSIE when the pointer is over some images.

Unlike a separated GtkHandleBox, this container seems to be in a fixed
position relative to something on the screen and a subwindow [1] of the

I'm going to play around with implementing one this weekend, unless one
already exists. I've not yet found the Windows API for such a thing and
I don't know if any other toolkit has one.

Comments, pointers, and snide remarks about this are welcome.


[1] I know nothing about GDI. I'm assuming it has something similar to
    the window layering of X. (Heck, I'm not even sure GDI is the name
    of their graphics subsystem.)

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