Re: Scintilla GTK2 profiling results

[while (gdk_event_get_graphics_expose) gdk_event_free()]

Owen Taylor:

> if you don't have either that or use gdk_window_scroll(), then scrolling
> the scintilla buffer when it is partially offscreen isn't going to
> work properly.
> I'm not sure that the loop will work properly with GTK+-2.0. Even
> if it does, gdk_window_scroll() will be much more efficient, since
> the loop is "wait until the server finishes scrolling", while
> gdk_window_scroll() plays some nice internal bookkeeping tricks.

   IIRC there were some warning traces calling those on GTK+ 2, possibly
when the area was off-screen. I'll have a look at the implementation of
gdk_window_scroll() and see if the functionality can be copied into

> If you can move the scrollbar out of the main editor window, and
> use gdk_window_scroll() it will be definitely worth it.

   Yes. I'll look into this after the current release is cut and will also
upgrade my system to a more modern GTK+/Pango then.


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