Scrolling and other optimizations [Was: Scintilla GTK2 profiling results]


Following a discussion with Soren on #anjuta, and with help from Owen
and Neil, it seems to me that one of the unidentified problems with the
generic editor sluggishness is in the editor scrolling.

I'm attaching the IRC log with Soren. Neil, can we implement Soren's
suggestions without too much hassle (I'm lost in the Scintilla codebase
sadly :-()

Alternatively, how about this: Remove scrollbars from the Scintilla
widget from the GTK2 version and let people put it in a ScrollWindow.
That will take care of queing redraws (I think) and also solve the
exposure of unnecessarily big redraw rectangles (as Soren points out in
the log).

Another thing to do seems to be to add -DDISABLE_CAST_CHECKS which will
probably reduce the impact of the g_object part whcih is sticking out
like a sore thumb currently.

Thanks to all, and regards,


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