RE: status icon API

> > The only major downfall (I thought when doing it) was the 
> image size is
> > quite small (up to something like 24x24 I think).  
> I couldn't find anything in the Microsoft docs in a quick look that
> indicated what the desired size was for the icon, or whether there
> were restrictions, but that's one thing thing we should consider
> adding ... a way of getting (and monitoring for changes) the
> desired size.

I think anything bigger is made to fit (if I recall).

> If you make the icon an object (see below) you can use 
> signals for these

Yes for the most part I completely agree with you on this.  I had originally
thought this would be the best way, but wanted to test the water with
people's views. - Plus your way is the "GTK way".

> and it's a whole lot more natural. As someone else mentioned (on the
> bug report?) I think a "show context menu" signal is a good idea.
> (The question about "show context menu" is how to deal with 
> positioning
> perhaps it should be a "create context menu" signal instead... perhaps
> having x,y coordinates in the event is good enough)

I disagree.  For me the system tray interface should be a portal, in that
you are notified of button_press_event's and deleted_events, etc, so the
user can create their menu on the spare of the moment or simply use a menu
already created and pop it up.  Perhaps we may want to extended the API for
those which have a menu they want to pop up, e.g.:

	gtk_system_tray_add_context_menu(GtkMenu *menu);

What use do you see the "create_context_menu" signal having?  I am trying to
think of a way it would be used?

> > icon when it is added to the system tray - "New hardware found!".
> I'd want to leave this out for now, since we don't have the capability
> on X. (It was in the original spec, but the KDE people were 
> unhappy with
> it.) If we do decide to add it, there needs to be some way of finding
> out if it is supported on the system, since if it isn't there, the app
> needs to do something different.

Fair enough.  This IMO is a form of "toasting" anyway (see below).

> > While on the subject of system trays and that area of the 
> screen.  Should we
> > consider adding "toasting" into this API? Similar to the ways of MSN
> > Messenger's notifications.
> Could you elaborate?

If you have ever used Microsoft's MSN messenger, when a new message arrives
from someone which the user does not have a window open already, a titleless
window slides up from the system tray as a notification with the first 'n'
characters of the message sent.  Similarly, this is used to notify the user
when users are online/etc...

This toast is shown for about 5 seconds and then it slides down back into
the system tray and disappears.  From what you said about X not supporting
the gtk_system_tray_set_info() function proposed, I am willing to bet, this
would not be possible either unless some crafty gtk work was done to create
a window and slowly show it moving up and then back down (might be tricky


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