GtkCellRenderer & edited callback passes wrong cell?

hi, im working with some code off of the gtk-demo,using the edited callback with the function:
void cell_edited (GtkCellRendererText *cell, const gchar *path_string, const gchar *new_text, gpointer data)

while testing i was doing something like g_print ("old text: %s new text: %s\n", cell->text, new_text);

if you edit a cell, and after you are done hit enter it works as expected...
however... if you edit a cell and click once on another (editable) item in the list, it passes the cell you clicked as *cell. (make sense? say i had a list of 1, 2, 3, 4, if i edited 1, changing the text to "one" then clicked 3, cell->text would be "3")

is this by design or is it a bug or ??

please cc me any replies as im not subscribed to the devel list.



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