Re: My take icon icon resizing

On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 00:58, Owen Taylor wrote:

>  - I changed the string format from "gtk-menu 30,30:gtk-dialog 40,40"
>    to "gtk-menu=30,30:gtk-dialog=40,40", since it seemed a little
>    clearer with an explicit delimiter character.

Hrm... I'm trying this on RH7.2 now (everything built from HEAD this
morning) and I keep getting an "Error parsing gtk-icon-size" warning
when I try to use it (e.g. when selecting the latest LargePrint theme,
which is available in gnome-themes).  

Doing a quick step-through in gdb, it seems the offending check in
icon_size_setting_parse() is:

if (*p!=',') 
	goto err;

At this point 'p' doesn't seem to have been advanced past the icon width
in the icon_size_string after it's been read in-- it's still pointing at
the first character of the width.

Is anyone else seeing this, or do I just have a screwed build...?


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