Re: launch feedback status update

Benjamin Kahn <xkahn ximian com> writes:  
> 	This means that launched applications which don't follow the new
> protocol and don't open a new window won't work correctly.  Such
> examples might be:
>     /sbin/service httpd start
>     xmms-control next-song
>     old-xwrite -display "hi!"
> Etc.
> 	Basically, if a command exits with a zero-status, it should stop launch
> feedback. 

Ah - the idea is that we should only _start_ the feedback if one of
the desktop file fields is present indicating the app supports
feedback, or indicating the legacy matching method to use.  So for the
above examples, LaunchFeedbackSupported would not be in the .desktop

If you don't require explicitly marking apps that support feedback, I
think you inevitably get "stuck" feedback.


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