Re: launch feedback status update

Rodney Dawes <dobey free fr> writes:
> Instead of creating more hacks at the toolkit/etc... levels, can we
> do it right and just get a patch to X, so that it will work for ALL
> apps, even those that don't use this "liblf" or something to notify
> that something is happening?

That isn't possible IMO. Look at how the two proposed protocols work.
Xlib doesn't have sufficiently high-level information about what's
going on. Try to write down the details of how it would work on the
Xlib level and either you'll figure out how to make it work there
(good), or see why it won't work.

The "launchee" part of the protocols is microscopic, <1K of compiled
code, we should be able to get it into apps. For apps that don't
support it, we can use the window-class-based legacy support feature.


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