Re: scaling pixbufs

On 4 Sep 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Have a look at the EOG source code (it comes with GNOME), it does
> this. Basically just scale the area of the pixbuf that's going to be
> visible, I think it what it comes down to.

Aye, that looks like the case, and also seems to be what Dov's
gtkimageviewer does.  My concern with this approach is I'd also like to
pan around the scaled image - so the visible portion will need frequent
updating - would this lead to thrashing?

> Grayscale isn't implemented yet. It shouldn't be that hard to do, if
> you want to give it a shot.

Sure - I'll take a look.  I should warn you I'm no pro, I just try to 
imitate one.  ;)


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