Re: scaling pixbufs

Have a look at my gtk_image_viewer_widget. It does exactly this.
The sources are on the gnome cvs server. You can also get the latest
release from:

Please let me know if the example programs aren't sufficient to get 
you going, and I might get around to actually writing some long
overdue docs.

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 10:16:08AM -0400, Tim F wrote:
> I'm writing a gtk (2.0.2) application that renders a pixbuf in a
> drawingarea, and I'd like the user to be able to "zoom" in and out of the
> pixbuf.  I've gotten this to work quite well using
> gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple, but the pixbuf is large (3000x3000 pixels), and
> zooming in by much more than 2x, as you might guess, causes all kinds of
> memory and swapping troubles.  Is there a way to leave the pixbuf as is,
> and simply alter the pixel ratio of the drawing_area (i.e. a 5x5 pixel on
> the drawing_area corresponds to a 1x1 pixel from the pixbuf)?  One thing
> that may help is the original image loaded in the pixbuf is grayscale, but
> my understanding is that pixbufs can only be in RGB colorspace (so my
> image takes three times the amount of required memory) - is there any
> support for grayscale pixbufs in a development release of gtk+?
> Pardons if this question has already been dealt with before...
> 	Regards,
> 	Tim F
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