RFE: per-page XKB group in GtkNotebook

Hello everyone

I am the author of GSwitchIt (XKB support for GNOME,
http://gswitchit.sourceforge.net). Probably, some of non-English
subscribers of this list use it.

One of the most favorite features (not for me but among the users) is
the ability to have per-window layout switching. The idea behind it is
that every main X window has its own "current" XKB group and when user
switches between windows (Alt-Tab) the current group is switches
automatically to the "current" group of the window. So if I work on
Russian document - I have Russian group in OpenOffice. At the same time,
I write this mail message in English - and at any point if I switch to
the Evolution compose window - I have English layout. Sure, I can switch
here to Russian too - but this will change only the "current" group of
this particular window. That's the whole idea (sorry for this very long
description - looks like advertising:)

Now, my proposal. This feature would be very useful to implement in
GtkNotebook - for pages. As an example, gaim applet would benefit from
it (when people talk to Russian and American friends in two tabs), in
XChat (same story). Same idea about all MDI stuff.

Unfortunately, my little applet cannot be used for this (at least I do
not know how to work with GtkNotebook widgets in other apps). So this
should be supported in GtkNotebook code. There are different variants of
how this could be implemented (not necessarily calling XKB functions
directly). Certainly, this feature should be optional (using some flag
in ui-properties-capplet) to guarantee the "compatible" behavior. 

So, I am very interested in any possible comments of you people. I also
would be happy to participate in the implementation (hopefully it is
going to happen).



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