2.2.0 bug status 2002-10-18

The following is a summary of open bugs for the 2.0.7, 2.2 API freeze
and 2.2.0 milestones, annotated with information about:

 - How likely/important is this to get fixed for 2.2.0
 - What is blocking the bug from future progress.

(The list below excludes the usability decision bugs that I
mailed about yesterday.)

The bugs that are probably most interesting to look at are bugs
that are marked as +i, >i, +?, >? - that is bugs that are 
blocking or fairly important for 2.2.0 and need implementation
or debugging.

Plus bugs where the first column is '-' but people think are
important ... get a patch in quickly or it won't be on the
next 2.2.0 status report :-)


The first two columns indicate status and blocking factor... numbers
in [] are current counts of bugs in that category.

 + [30] : Should be in 2.2.0 [30]
 > [18] : Would be nice in 2.2.0, but not essential or difficult [18]
 - [46] : Unlikely for 2.2.0 

 i [50] : implementation 
 d [9]  : decision
 r [11] : patch review
 n [3]  : needinfo (from reporter)
 ? [13] : Needs investigation, debugging

Some bugs are marked with [P], [P+], [P-]

 [P]  : Has patch
 [P+] : Has patch approved for commit
 [P-] : Has patch, but patch needs work

API additions/fixes
+i 72098 gtk 	 GtkStock should use the accel map
-i 76094 gtk 	 Function to set application name
+i 85703 multihea GtkWindow and gdk_get_default_screen()
+i 85709 multihea gtk_widget_get_pango_context() and private data
+i 85710 multihea gtk_widget_get_screen() and menus
-d 90286 gtk 	 Addition of function gtk_statusbar_push_with_markup()

-i 1579  general  Setting Gtk widget insensitive can lock GUI
-i 32617 general  gdk_pointer_grab() Behaves Differently for X Input Events [P-]
-i 52833 gtk 	  resize grips for all corners [P-]
>i 55502 gdk-pixb Improper rendering
-i 56248 gtk 	  Remove timeouts when widgets become insensitive / grab-shado
-i 56355 gtk 	  GtkLabel - Not all changes propagate correctly
-i 63480 gtk 	  keynav scrolled window keyboard scrolling
 [ Actually about drawing focus indication on a scrolled window ]
+r 66754 gdk 	  setting state hints on second map [P]
+c 67066 gdk 	  GDK_LOCK_MASK vs X Lock modifier [P]
-i 70569 GtkFileS File dialog incorrectly handles directories starting with a
-? 73047 gdk 	  Transparency bug on certain video cards.
- 73359 gtk 	  statusbar text clipping leak on resize grip
>i 73444 general  Clicking on the arrow in long menus shouldn't make the menu
>? 74381 input-me I18N GtkEntry breaks XIM status
-i 74575 gtk 	  testcalendar reports the previous day instead of the one cli
+r 76953 gtk 	  GtkMenuItem sometimes clips underscore characters [P]
-i 77248 gdk-pixb mmx / tile scaling bug
-i 77249 gdk-pixb rounding in pixops
>i 78758 GtkFileS multibyte name of folder make GtkFileSel funny.
+? 79991 multihea Handle holes in virtual screen configuration
+r 80281 multihea gtk_window_set_transient_for() needs to call gtk_window_set_ [P]
-i 80283 multihea GtkInputDialog needs to be made multihead aware
+i 80764 general  there may be a bug in rendering of context menus and their a
-i 80978 gtk 	  Tooltip for GTK curve behaves inforrectly
+r 81651 gtk 	  Tooltips is not multihead safe. [P]
-? 81884 gtk 	  GtkCList - focus indicator problem after deleting row & pres
-? 82354 gtk 	  Drag from GTK+-2.0.2 Drop into Java freezes the Mouse Pointe
>i 82525 gtk 	  Combobox list is sticky
-? 82939 gtk 	  gtkclist: selection GSList out of sync with view in SELECTI
-i 85678 multihea GtkGamma and multihead
+i 85699 multihea tearoff menus and multihead
>i 85711 gtk 	  menu position funcs and Xinerama
+i 85715 multihea Closing displays
-i 82745 gtk 	  gtk_font_selection_set_font_name() SEGVs
-n 85729 gtk 	  GtkCList doesn't refresh on map [P-]
>? 86700 gtk 	  Nonworking combobox's list entry selection
-? 88155 general  Motif DnD not working properly
>i 89972 GtkFileS usability typing ..<TAB> on file dialog doesn't go one level up (to pa [P-]
+i 91711 gtk 	  GtkImage renders icons in the wrong location
+r 91808 gdk-pixb patch for some GIF loader crashes
-i 92085 gtk 	  tooltip is not removed when dragging menu item from panel to
+i 93575 gtk 	  Compose key functionality not working [P]
+i 94562 multihea Handle screen changes for handlebox drags
+i 94563 multihea gtk_menu_position() when pointer isn't on the menu's screen
>i 94676 GtkFileS filesel tries to print message with mixed utf-8 and local by
+i 95486 gtk 	  GtkEntry with non-standard invisible char works wrong with c

Code cleanup and performance
-i 50187 gdk-pixb Robustness audit on pixbuf loader modules
+d 52790 general  PATCH Shouldn't GTK+ be compiled with -D(G|GTK|GDK)_DISABLE_DEPREC
 [ Remaining issue is what to do with deprecated stuff that needs to be used ]
-i 53353 gdk 	  Check results of all X calls
>i 70236 general  Drag-and-drop excruciatingly painful over dsl X connection
 [ I have a bunch of patches for this in a local tree ]
-i 75754 gtk 	  Data tables should be marked "const"
-d 80225 gtk 	  Figure out whether gtk_window_move_resize() can be called on
-d 80229 gtk 	  gtkstyle.c:draw_spin_entry_shadow()
>i 80925 gdk-pixb improve scaling down by large factors
>i 80927 gdk-pixb Special-case compositing/copying with no scaling

Build and configure
-i 80718 gtk 	 Problem with make and .S files in gdkpixbug/pixops
>d 86587 gdk 	 fails to get build for the latest cvs head - 27 Jun 200
 [ Only affects building out of CVS. Nasty to fix ]
+n 90336 general Various autoconf fixes. [P]
+i 92890 gtk 	 gtk exports fnmatch() on non-gnu libc/linker [P-]
+c 95858 general configure.in doesn't detect Xinerama or Xrandr [P+]

Portability problems
-i 71597 gdk 	  gdkpixbuf-drawable.c and big endian
-? 75345 general  Solaris: Compile/link failure: no string table
-? 79929 stock-ic Empty gtkstockpixbufs.h file
-? 81232 general  Solaris problem with missing symbols
-? 87837 general  Syntax error in Makefile or gdk/libgdk-x11-2.0.la

Non-API feature enhancements
-i 50770 general  Input widgets should have keyboard accels. to switch strong
>r 51042 gtk 	  flipping menu arrows and other improvements [P]
-i 54047 gtk 	  KEYNAV: GtkToolbar [P-]
-i 64832 gtk 	  gtk_notebook will emit the 'switch-page' signal multiple tim
-i 64998 gtk 	  GtkEntry - gtk_entry_set_text emits "changed" twice
-d 68557 gtk 	  gtk_window_set_default_icon_list should set icon hints on th
>d 73388 gtk 	  Inconsistency of prelight vs. focus
>i 73445 general  Scrolling arrows in menus too slow
-d 74310 gtk 	  gtk message dialogs should set a wm icon
>i 74669 gtk 	  Add public setting for button ordering
+r 74950 gtk 	  Menu improvements [P]
-i 75961 gtk 	  Make tooltips less obtrusive
-i 76219 gtk 	  Support RTL flippinng for GtkMenuBar, GtkToolbar, GtkMenu
>i 80388 multihea Thoughts on multihead and gtk-demo
+r 81145 gdk 	  Add --screen command line option [P]
-i 81330 gtk 	  hebrew input, English interface?
+r 81396 gtk 	  The scrollbar should not be seperated from the (list) widget [P]
-i 82106 gtk 	  Focus is drawn on widgets that had focus last when menu has
+c 82184 gtk 	  Regression? calling gtk_toolbar_set/unset_style() in a row s [P+]
+r 84849 input-me replace incorrect im-hangul [P]
+i 92548 gtk 	  Insensitive radio and check buttons are drawn in 'normal' st
-i 94473 GtkFileS Use strcoll() instead of strcmp() for POSIX systems.
+i 95060 gdk-pixb looping control [P-]

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