Re: Behavior change / Usability bugs

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 00:16, Owen Taylor wrote:
> It turns out that a bunch of the bugs on the 2.2.0 milestone fall
> into the category of suggested changes to the behavior of GTK+
> from the user's perspective.
> That is bugs of the form:
>  GTK+ should do A, it currently does B.

Does 54047 (toolbar keynav) fall into this category?  "It should be
implemented, it currently doesn't"  :)  The bug report still targets it
for 2.2.0.

Actually the main reason I ask is that we currently have a mismatch
between bonobo toolbars (which implement keynav, but following the
original keynav spec which subsequently turned out to be inconsistent
with other things) and gtk toolbars (which just don't implement it at
all yet), and we need to come up with a grand plan where it's
implemented consistently in both....

And yes, I realise a useful part of this exercise would be to properly
update the year-old keynav spec-- it's on my list :/


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