Behavior change / Usability bugs

It turns out that a bunch of the bugs on the 2.2.0 milestone fall
into the category of suggested changes to the behavior of GTK+
from the user's perspective.

That is bugs of the form:

 GTK+ should do A, it currently does B.

Where it isn't obvious to me that B is better than A. (Or vice

I'd appreciate input into any of the following bugs (add comments
to the bug) and suggestions about how we can handle such bugs 
in a more deterministic way in the future. (Respond on 

The criteria for making changes include, not only:

 * Is the new behavior abstractly better for users who have
   have never seen an older version of GTK+ or another toolkit.

But also:

 * Is the the new behavior consistent with user's expectations
   for other toolkits.

 * Is the new behavior reasonably consistent with other toolkit's 
   that will be mixed with GTK+, including Mozilla, OpenOffice
   and Qt.

 * Would a change in this area adversly affect applications 
   that were written assuming the old behavior.

Just because we figure out what we want to do for a particular
bug doesn't mean that we'll get that implemented for 2.2.0, but
I'd like to get these bugs out of the "make a decision" category
into either:

 B) Need a patch



Detailed information about a particular bug can be found from:

[P]  means that there is patch in the bug
[P-] means there is a patch in the bug but it needs work.

53544	KEYNAV: GtkMenu, GtkMenuItem, GtkCheckBoxMenuItem, GtkRadioB [P]
   Patch here is basically about making it unposting submenus while
   the menu has focus if you hit Escape  
58377 	more menu keynav glitches
   What is the keynav for menus at the edge of the screen where the submenu reverses  
68938 	GtkDialog's separator should be removed [P]
69569 	OK/Cancel stock items shouldn't have menmonics?
70986 	Beep when moving off buffer in text widgets?
72245 	Ctrl-U not bound in entry widgets
   Should Control-u, not an emacs keybinding, be in the emacs key theme  
72918 	gtk_toolbar_insert_stock sets mnemonics on the label
73269	OK stock icon looks like the default button
74267	Numerous outstanding keynav/usability niggles [P]
   Patch is a mix of debatable changes and obviously good fixes for GtkFileSel  
80484 	GtkOptionMenu keynav issues [P-]
   Patch adds Home/End only for optionmenus, which is clearly wrong. Should
   be a GtkMenu thing?
80691 	Tune default colors
82108 	Keynav in notebook tabs should automatically bring currently
82118 	Button 3 selects and raises notebook tabs when it should not
84188 	"Dialogue" button widths should not be homogenous
87160 	Suggested gtkpaned keynav addition
89259 	Mousewheel scrolls too far
89336 	Keynav issue in menubar [P-]
   Issue of keynav when the menu item on the menu bar is selected  
90109 	Keynav issues in GtkCombo [P]
   Unclear relationship between this and 53579 which was more or less rejected
   because GtkCombo was being replaced  

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