Re: Creating GObject without Macros

Travis Beaty wrote:

Hello all!

I am currently attempting to create a GTK wrapper for the Euphoria programming language. I am needing to wrap the g_signal_connect_data() function. The instance parameter of this function requires a GObject structure.

The problem is this: I cannot call C macros from Euphoria, so I am needing to create the GObject using actual C functions from the library. Could someone please show me how to create the GObject from the widget handle in C without using the macro?
If you are interested in producing a binding for GTK+, I recommend joining the language-bindings gnome org mailing list. Most of the other language binding authors are on that list, so it is a good place to ask questions that LB developers run into (most likely, someone else has also run into it :)

Some slightly out of date docs that might help you understand the GType/GValue/GClosure/GSignal stuff in glib are available at:

(I should update them at some point ...)


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