Re: Creating GObject without Macros


Travis Beaty <t beaty mchsi com> writes:

> I am currently attempting to create a GTK wrapper for the Euphoria
> programming language.  I am needing to wrap the
> g_signal_connect_data() function.  The instance parameter of
> this function requires a GObject structure.
> The problem is this: I cannot call C macros from Euphoria, so I am
> needing to create the GObject using actual C functions from the
> library.  Could someone please show me how to create the GObject
> from the widget handle in C without using the macro?


  (GObject *) widget

The macro G_OBJECT (widget) does not create a GObject from the
GtkWidget, a GtkWidget is a GObject. G_OBJECT() is just a
type-checking cast which can be replaced by a simple cast.

Your question would have better been asked on gtk-list or
gtk-app-devel-list since gtk-devel-list is about the development
of GTK+, not developing with GTK+.

Salut, Sven

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