scrolled window scroll bars


I do this some code and then this:

	if (orientation == java_awt_Adjustable_HORIZONTAL)
		adjustment = 
	else adjustment = 

	if (adjustment != NULL)
		adjustment->page_size = (gfloat)pageSize;
                adjustment->lower = (gfloat)0;
                adjustment->upper = (gfloat)max;
                adjustment->value = (gfloat)value;

The emission goes to the viewport but never gets to my scrolledwindow. There is a widget in the viewport in 
the scrolledwindow which is smaller than the viewport size. When the policy is AUTOMATIC, the scrollbars 
never go away, I tracked the visibility testing code to gtkscrolledwindow.c { 
gtk_scrolled_window_adjustment_changed }, but whenever a "changed" is performed this function never gets 
called. What do I have to do in order to ensure that this function and thus my scrollbars come and go?

How do I make the scrollbars work properly with a scrolledwindow?

Thanks heaps,


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