Save to use _GtkNotebook.children in language binding?


I'm working on an interface for gtkmm2 that allows iterating through
the pages of a GtkNotebook in the usual convinient, c++-style way.

To make this interface full-featured, I need some features that are
not officially supported by the GtkNotebook API:
- determine the number of pages
- hold a pointer to a page that stays valid when inserting/deleting
  pages to/from the parent GtkNotebook.

Both requirements can be fullfilled when I use the "children" member
of struct _GtkNotebook to iterate through the pages and use
g_list_position() to determine the page number when I need to
retrieve or manipulate data of a page with gtk-API-functions.

My question is: is this safe with and beyond gtk-2.0.x? Or is the
"children" member of _GtkNotebook considered private?

Thanks for any answer,


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