2.0.3 and bugzilla

OK, I'm thinking that we should do a 2.0.3 in the near future. 
Approximate timeline:
 Next Tuesday, lock tree down for code changes
 Next Wednesday, start making tarballs, updating NEWS
 Next Friday, release

Right now there are 176 bugs for GTK+ alone with either no
milestone or on the 2.0.3 milestone.

So, getting that down to a reasonable number is my immediate
task for today.

The criteria I have for milestone assignment are:


  Outstanding patches for review, urgent bugs that should be fixed ASAP


  Bugs that would be good to get a fix out for within the next 
  month or two for the stable branch.

 2.2 API freeze

  Simple API additions that we can get to in the next month or so.
  API fixes for multihead API additions.


  Bug fixes and feature additions related to win32 and multihead. 
  Non-urgent minor bug fixes and feature additions.
  Important bug fixes that require substantial changes. 


  API additions and major feature additions beyond 2.2, but within 
  the forseeable future.

  Feature additions, and API additions with no definite timescale.
  "Would be nice" bug fixes.

If people want to help out with sorting bugs, especially for areas they 
are familiar with, I'd appreciate it.


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