Re: [PATCH] 2 glib patches for auto*/Makefile

Am Mon, 2002-03-25 um 23.08 schrieb Owen Taylor:

> These seem to be automake-1.5 compatiblity changes.

Not really, adding items to a previously unused variable
in Makefiles is generally bad style and could lead to 
problems with make (though I don't know any particular 
make version that is affected). Basically the whole point
of the patch is to clean up this one Makefile and bring it
to par with the rest of the glib Makefiles which do not
use that bad style at all.

> in the same category. (And while I'd certainly like to get rid of
> @STRIP_BEGIN@, @STRIP_END@, that would have to be approved by Tim
> and done in GTK+ as well.)

Tim? Can you approve that?

Owen, I'll check gtk+ for any lurking problems as well...


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