Re: [PATCH] 2 glib patches for auto*/Makefile

Daniel Egger <degger fhm edu> writes:

> Am Sam, 2002-03-23 um 16.17 schrieb Owen Taylor:
> > That's a really weird combo ;-), since autoconf-2.5x is much more
> > backwards compatible than automake-1.5x. GTK+-2.0, we support only
> > autoconf-2.5x and automaek-1.4.
> > But, no we aren't taking patches like this for the moment. We'll
> > upgrade to automake-1.6 and require it at some point before 2.2, most
> > likely.
> I'd like you to consider them anyway since they're tested with automake
> 1.4 and don't break anything but clean it up (i.e. no uncommented 
> #undefs in a standalone file anymore).

Let me put it this way:

 I don't have time right now to look at auto* patches at the moment
 unless they are fixing bugs with the combination that we support.

 I do plan on upgrading the combination we support for 2.2; if you
 want to put your patches in bugzilla, they'll presumably be a 
 big help when we do that.


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