Re: Thoughts on combo replacement

On 23 Mar 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

>  - the combo should really allow the click, hold down, and drag
>    selection method; instead of the click, popup,
>    choose option method. Gnumeric 2's combos don't 
>    seem to allow this.


>  - In the Gnumeric undo combo, there isn't any feedback that you've
>    chosen or can choose multiple items, except you can see it for a
>    split second as you click just before the thing pops down.
>    Basically it's just that if you choose one item it happens to also
>    undo everything up to that item. This isn't really multiple
>    selection - in fact with the current behavior of GAL combos
>    multiple selection is impossible, since as soon as you click
>    anywhere the thing pops down.

If we finally have the click-hold down-release UI for combos, the undo
combo becomes much more intuitive since as you drag the mouse you see the
selection constatnly changing. This also happens with the current undo
combo, but you hve to release the mouse button before clicking on the list
again to drag it.

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