Re: 2.0.1 plans

Arnaud Charlet <charlet ACT-Europe FR> writes:

> > Right now, there are ~130-140 bugs either on no milestone or on
> > the 2.0.1 milestone. I'd guess that there about 10-15 of those that
> > are good candidates for fixing for 2.0.1, the rest need to get moved
> > to 2.0.2 or 2.2.0. (Anything that we don't think we're going to fix
> > in the next month or so should be moved to 2.2.0)
> Well, you realize that by doing so, it most likely means that people won't
> be able to use Gtk+ 2.0.x at all
> Gtk+ 2.0 contains many great improvements, but also many bugs and is far from
> being stable, and I don't think having two more releases (2.0.1 & 2.0.2)

I didn't mean that there won't be a 2.0.3; I'd expect to have probably a 2.0.3
and maybe even a 2.0.4. But unlike 1.2.x we don't _have_ to keep making 2.0.x
releases once we  have a stable 2.2.0.

> will be enough to stabilize it. Just look at Gtk+ 1.2.x, it became really
> stable around 1.2.6/1.2.8, and I'd say this is expected/normal.

Well, the idea is to avoid destabilizing 2.2.0 much; if we don't destabilize
2.2.0, since it is going to be binary compatible with 2.0.x, people will
be able to convert over immediately, and we won't waste resources maintaining
a separate stable branch.

I really don't care if people end up using 2.0.x extensively, what's important
is that they have something stable to use.


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