2.0.1 plans

I'm planning to do a 2.0.1 release next Monday (so, doing tarballs in
a couple of days).

After that, I'll branch all the modules for 2.2.0, so we can merge in
the multihead changes. (I've been working on reviewing these over the
last few days.)

For 2.0.1, I think we'll just be including the fixes we have in CVS
now, plus anything else that is easy to fix or particularly urgent.

Right now, there are ~130-140 bugs either on no milestone or on
the 2.0.1 milestone. I'd guess that there about 10-15 of those that
are good candidates for fixing for 2.0.1, the rest need to get moved
to 2.0.2 or 2.2.0. (Anything that we don't think we're going to fix
in the next month or so should be moved to 2.2.0)


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