Re: Rendering with xft and hinting

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Maas <dmaas dcine com> writes:

Dan> Believe it or not, my favorite fonts of all time are MS Sans
Dan> Serif (the plain-jane default bitmapped font for Win32 GUIs) and
Dan> the TrueType Courier that comes with Windows. Show me a font that
Dan> renders better at small to moderate sizes, AA or not, and I'll
Dan> switch immediately...

Have you tried any of the Lucida family?  Current versions of sun's
java packages include ttf versions of Lucida Bright, Sans and
Typewriter.  They left out hints (I presume yandy charged sun less for
unhinted versions), but IMO ft2 renders AA better w/o hints anyway....

I'm sure the license prohibits copying the fonts away from the jre
install, but that doesn't prevent pointing xft (or the X server) at

I'm currently running my xterms w/:

xterm*faceName: Lucida Sans Typewriter
xterm*faceSize: 6

on a 133 dpi LCD panel.  (baseline to baseline is 12 pix.)


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