Re: CVS branching

Am Sam, 2002-03-16 um 00.06 schrieb Owen Taylor:

> I've now moved the main GLib, and GTK+, and Pango ChangeLogs aside. 
> (Copied on the CVS server, new and old parts truncated appropriately.)
> These were the biggest ones (GTK+ by far the biggest of the big.)


> Other ChangeLogs:
>  glib/gobject/ChangeLog
>  glib/gmodule/ChangeLog
>  glib/gthread/ChangeLog
>  glib/docs/reference/ChangeLog
>  glib/po/ChangeLog
>  gtk+/docs/reference/ChangeLog
>  gtk+/gdk-pixbuf/ChangeLog
>  gtk+/contrib/gdk-gdk-pixbuf-xlib/ChangeLog
> Do people have opinions what we should do with these?
>  Leave untouched?
>  Move aside in the same way as the main ChangeLogs?
>  Move aside, 'cvs rm' the old ChangeLog. (That is, take this opportunity
>  to get rid of excess ChangeLogs)

I think we should get rid of some of the excess ChangeLogs.


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