gtk_entry_set_text buffer corruption


I beleive gtk_entry_set_text is corrupting the buffer you pass it.

Here's a little test I did:

	gtk_clist_get_text (GTK_CLIST (ignorelist), row, 0, &mask);
	printf("pre:  %s\n", mask);
	gtk_entry_set_text (GTK_ENTRY (entry_mask), mask);
	printf("post: %s\n", mask);

and the debug output:

pre:  new!new new com
post: T hnew com

Since the parameter is a (const char *), I think this is a bug. I tried
to trace it through gtk_editable_insert_text, but got a little lost. On
some OS's, it'll segfault if you try to alter .rodata, so this is quite
serious. Anyone want to look at the cause?

P.S. Using gtk from cvs on 20020308.

Peter Zelezny. <pzel dodo com au>

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