Re: GTK+-2.x planning

Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> writes:

> Owen Taylor writes:
>  > GTK+-2.2:
>  > * Official Win32 port
> What will have to happen for the Win32 port to be declared "official"?
> Known bugs that are fixable should be fixed, but what about those very
> X11-ish features that aren't currently implemented at all, or just
> drawing.
> To implement tiles and stipples completely and correctly, especially
> so that it works also on Win9x/Me, you need some pretty hairy
> code. For instance arcs have to be drawn "manually", as the linux-fb
> backend does, because the Arc() function is not supported inside path
> brackets on Win9x/Me. (Path brackets is the GDI concept that could be
> used to implement tiles and stipples most straightforwardedly, I
> think. It is currently used for GDK_OPAQUE_STIPPLED rectangles,
> polygons and segments.)
> Multi-threaded GDK use? Is that a must?
> Or can it be declared official if simply some reasonable number of
> non-trivial apps work OK with it?

I think the real criteria is "it's getting testing and we (especially
you) feel pretty comfortable with it." Which probably means something

I don't think GDK completeness needs to be a criterion for declaring
the port official except to the extent that affects the apps we are 
targeting and the GTK+ widgets ... that is, I don't think we need
to implement every dashed line pattern, but we do need to draw 
1-1 dotted horizontal/vertical lines, since we use them for the
default focus indicators (#74441.)

I'd say the way to proceed is basically the same we proceded for 2.0:

 - Get people using and testing the Win32 port.

 - Get people filing bugs

 - Decide what bugs need to be fixed for an official release
   and what can wait.


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