Re: Roadmap

Congrats on the 2.0 release..
Is there a roadmap of features you guys want Gtk+ to support?

I ask because I'd like to have a gdk_pixbuf_new_from_raw_data (), that
behaves like gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file, except, well, I have guchar* that
came from somewhere (okay: a DB Blob) that IS the exact contents of an
image file, and I want it to work as if I gave it a filename.

1. I understand I can make a couple of temporary files, and then call
the extant "from_file()" method, but that's ugly.
2. Where else can a file image come from? Drag-n-drop, Corba, Xml. It's
better to encapsulate how to read data from a filesystem (which would
have hooks for feof, fread, fclose).
3. Partial buffer support would be a bear. Callbacks firing off when
data received off of socket, asynch io, etc. Sounds like what an HTML
renderer needs/does already.

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Bryan W. Headley - bwheadley earthlink net

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