Re: filesel notes

> I don't understand why it would be a UI wart; users want us to fit in
> to the platform.

Users want lots of things. :-) Yes, I know they want Gtk apps to fit
into the platform. It took three weeks to kill off that thread on the
gtk-quartz-devel list. But Gtk is designed such that it is fundamentally
impossible to do that (gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (menuitem),
GTK_WIDGET (bonobo_control));). So you're appeasing a tiny bit of their
desire for consistency (assuming they didn't want the OK and Cancel
buttons in the load/save dialogs to be consistent with the rest of the
app :-), and not saving much coding (since you still need to do the X
version), in exchange for giving up:
        * Ability to have embedded load/save dialogs
        * Ability for the app to add widgets to the dialog (and note
          that gimp, the canonical wanted-on-many-platforms Gtk app,
          does extend both the load and save dialogs.)
        * Ability to load from/save to gnome-vfs-provided filesystems
        * Possibly localization: Gtk is localized to more languages than
          Mac OS X is, for instance.
        * ... ?

-- Dan

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