where's GtkTreeM/V/C tutorial? (how create GtkTreeIter?)

I'm making an app to manipulate xml-related recommendations visually.
it'll fully drag-n-dropable and have tree of xml structure.
so I decided to build on gtk2 rather than weak gtk1's GtkTree.

but I cannot find any resource describing dependencies among each structs.
only overview of http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/gtk/treewidget.html
and references say about gtk2's GtkTreeView.

somebody have helpful documentation?

--- and,
on reference, GtkTreeModel and other things refer GtkTreeIter argument.
but I couldn't find any function which returns GtkTreeIter ptr.
Did I miss anything? or there's other way to make it?

Thanks. future is gtk2!

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