Re: Modifier keys

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Owen Taylor wrote:

> I did claim at one point, but decided later that it was easiest for
> GtkWindow to do the conflict resolution and then simply activate the
> right keyval/modifier combination in GtkAccelGroup, leaving
> GtkAccelGroup more or less untouched
> > - why are you storing "gtk-window-key-hash" per object data?
> >   considering the key hash is created at latest once a key is pressed
> >   within a window, it should be a struct member
> Header file cleanliness, mostly. 

hm, an opaque struct prototype wouldn't be _too_ bad ;)

>  - gtkkeyhash.h isn't public, so can't be included from gtkwindow.h
>  - gtkkeyhash.h shouldn't be including gtkwindow.h; GtkKeyHash really
>    is basically independent of the rest of Gtk.
> So, I'd have to had 'gpointer key_hash'. Using object data kept
> everything nice an encapsulated in one section of gtkwindow.h. Not
> something I feel strongly about though.

i guess it'd make sense to actually use the destroy notifier
if you continue to use object data.

> > - why isn't _gtk_window_activate_key() simply calling gtk_window_get_key_hash() ?
> Looks like I probably never finished some code reorganization. 

well, would be nice if you got to that then ;)

> Regards,
>                                         Owen


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