Re: gtk_font_selection widget

Keith Packard <keithp keithp com> writes:

> Around 14 o'clock on Jun 25, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > [ This all works better with Xft and modern font technology than
> >   it ever will with core X fonts. ]
> Which just encourages me to suggest that Gtk's default be switched from 
> core fonts to Xft sooner rather than later.  Someone should hack Pango to 
> let gnome-terminal work though.

I already have a patch in Red Hat's RPM to do this, and I'll probably
do this in the official tree sometime soon.

But I don't think it really solves the immediate problem; while I
certainly hope that Sun switches to using Xft sooner rather than
later, a change in font technology and dependencies seems
unlikely and probably unwise for the current release cycle.

VTE works pretty well with Xft. I'd still like to do the simple Pango
font API for projects where emulation of a legacy API is needed.


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