Re: GTK 2.0 5 times slower than 1.2

"S. Eken" <eken bfw-online de> writes:
> 2.0   not run before    28 sec        2368 packets (!!!)
> 2.0   run before        8.5 sec       346 packets

As James says, it's from getting a list of fonts on the server. The
first GTK app to run gets the list and caches it as an X property on
the root window. Subsequent GTK apps pull the cache off the root
In GTK 2.2 you will be able to use Xft with all servers, even those
that lack XRender support, which means you will never have to do this
font stuff.

If it helps, reducing the number of fonts on the system will reduce
the startup time, as it's proportional to the size of your font list.


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