bug 84241

I would like to see bug 84241 fixed in gtk 2.2 and possibly also on the 2.0.x branch.

The gtk_menu_item_set_accel_path() can be used to set the accel path on a menu item, but not unset it. In contrast, gtk_widget_set_accel_path() can unset the accel path on a widget. However, for menu items, unsetting with gtk_widget_set_accel_path(), the old accel path is still stored in menu_item->accel_path.

After reading the gtk_menu_item_set_accel_path(), it looks like the only thing stopping it from being used is one of the assertions at the top. I gave a possible replacement assertion in the comments of the bug:

The reason I want to be able to do this is for my menu merge code in libegg. I have functions to connect and disconnect a menu item to a particular action object. When disconnecting, I want to unset the accel path if at all possible.


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