Re: type patch

On 11 Jun 2002, Jonathan Blandford wrote:

> Hi,
> Currently, a number of types are registered as "GtkTypeFoo" instead of
> simply "GtkFoo".  This problem is explained in greater detail in bug
> #84633.  I have attached a fix that fixes this.  It will probably break
> code like glade and language bindings, so it probably only makes sense
> to commit this to HEAD only.  Of course, these are obviously all wrong,
> so it's tempting to bite the bullet and just try to fix it now.
> Thoughts?

- not registering boxed types / objects / enums with their respective C
  type names is a bug
- if we fix this now, the special casing code in the language bindings,
  which are nothing more than bug-workarounds) simply won't be triggered
- other code should not be effected by this (except for debugging output)
  as the macros (GTK_TYPE_TREE_ITER etc...) are not affected (this would
  be the case if we were talking enum type names here)

i think we should dare fixing this in stable.  

> -Jonathan


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