Re: GType or GtkType

David Odin <David dindinx org> writes:

>   Hi,
> I've noticed that most of the widget in gtk+ (both 2.0.5 and cvs HEAD)
> use  GtkType gtk_<widget_name>_get_type(); instead of 
> GType gtk_<widget_name>_get_type();
> I'd understood that GtkType is deprecated and we should use GType
> instead.
> Why is this? Is this only a question of time (and then, I could give
> some of my time to do the convertion), or is there a real reason to keep
> GtkType (and the 1.2 way of creating widgets) around?

Well, it is kept around because there is no point in making people
change their code if they don't have to.

There are a number of "remove deprecated stuff from GTK+" patches
in bugzilla that I _still_ haven't gotten to. (sigh.)

There is absolutely no practical difference between using GtkType
and GType other than cleanliness.


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