Re: [PATCH] glib patches

Owen Taylor wrote:

# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
+AC_INIT([glib], [2.0.4])
Not an acceptable change; the version information has to be only in
one place.
The solution to this problem that I use in pygtk is the following:

dnl the pygtk version number
m4_define(pygtk_major_version, 1)
m4_define(pygtk_minor_version, 99)
m4_define(pygtk_micro_version, 10)
m4_define(pygtk_version, pygtk_major_version.pygtk_minor_version.pygtk_micro_version)

AC_INIT(pygtk, pygtk_version,

AC_DEFINE(PYGTK_MAJOR_VERSION, pygtk_major_version, [PyGtk major version])
AC_DEFINE(PYGTK_MINOR_VERSION, pygtk_minor_version, [PyGtk minor version])
AC_DEFINE(PYGTK_MICRO_VERSION, pygtk_micro_version, [PyGtk macro version])

I can then use any of the M4 macros anywhere inside my configure script, and they get substituted to the correct values. Works very well for me.


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