Re: Pango installation failure

"David L. Cooper II" <cooperdl worldnet att net> writes:

> I do have gtk-doc installed but just checked the requirements... I don't
> have DocBook or Jade installed.
> I tried to install jade earlier on my Solaris machine and had one heck of a
> time compiling it. I finally gave up. I was able to get openjade 1.3.1
> compiled but I'm not sure if it will work with gtk-doc.
> I'll keep working on it. Maybe I can find a version of Jade that will
> compile on my solaris box. I'll go to the appropriate source for help on
> that.
> I'd like to get all the glib/gtk stuff to make cleanly rather than to have
> make ignore errors, although I do realize that this is an option.

If you configure with --disable-gtk-doc, things should be perfectly
fine ... we distribute the generated HTML because we know that
its quite hard to get Jade setup and working correclty.


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