Re: Changing the look of the GtkTreeView

> This type of modification should be done at the theme level.  With the

Could you give some more pointers ? What are the attributes to handle/set
to change the icons, and to draw links ?

> CList, we had each app author pick the mode that they liked most, rather
> then have any consistent Look and Feel.  Currently themes can draw their
> own expanders.  There isn't support to draw the lines currently, but
> it's not hard to add to someone sufficiently

Well, sounds like a regression to me, given that Ctree provided this
functionnality, and is marked as deprecated.

How is one supposed to write a "standard" directory tree with the TreeView ?

> I don't feel it's too strange, and it is very similar to the Macintosh
> tree.  As I said, if someone wants to do the leg-work to make the tree
> work with a windows-style tree, that's fine too.

Well, we could make a poll, that'd be interesting, but still, I'd like to
hear about the reasons that led to this default look and feel.


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