RFC: #61866

Hello all,

We have two outstanding GtkTreeView bugs where we need some advice. The
first bug is #61866: "TreeView search shortcut shouldn't be ctrl-s". I
agree with this (isn't Ctrl-s being used for save?) and asked Calum for
an opinion. He came up with Ctrl-f, but unfortenately Ctrl-f is already
in use in GtkTreeView (moves the 'focus rectangle' one column right -- I
heard this is some binding used in emacs). Are there any other
suggestions for a keybinding?

The other bug is #63269: "TreeView modification so that cells be
editable on double click". We currently overload double click in two
ways: Expand/collapse rows and row activation. A single click starts
editing (only if the cell is editable of course). We would like to know
what the right behaviour is.



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