Re: Some initial thoughts about 2.4

Am Mon, 2002-12-30 um 17.01 schrieb Owen Taylor:

>  - Implement object file reordering for Linux

What I did some time ago was writing a script (for The GIMP) which
combined all source files into one by concatenating all source files
together, and including all header files (once) into the whole mess.
After that step some cleanup happened and the whole thing was compiled
as one piece. It led to a smallish improvement in code size and speed
(~3% smaller object code) and reduced overall compile time.

This probably could be done for Gtk+ as well... That having said doing
object file reordering would probably lead to a much smaller improvement
if any at all; this is more a matter for C++ object files where vtable
lookups can be pretty expensive.


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