Re: Improving cross compilation

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Michael Taht <mtaht mvista com> writes:
> > Is there room on the schedule for the next release to improve cross
> > compilation for all the gtk related libraries, notably pkg-config?
> If you mean, by next release, the GTK+-2.4 release, sure, if
> someone wants to do the work and submits patches.
> I think for pkg-config, the main thing would simply be figuring
> out how it should work. A fairly obvious possibility would
> to:
>  A) make pkg-config support --target in it's configure to
>     install prefixed by $(host_alias)
>  B) Make PKG_CHECK_MODULES look for the $(host_alias) prefixed
>     pkg-config.

I'm not sure that work is necessary, given the ability to set
PKG_CONFIG_PATH.  One can have just one installation of pkg-config
that serves all targets.  E.g. I use plain /usr/bin/pkg-config in
setting up makefiles on Linux for cross-compiling GTK-based programs
for win32; I just ask it to look in /opt/mingw32/lib/pkgconfig for the
package info.

Allin Cottrell.

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