Re: Making gtk-bugs gtk org a public list?

Owen Taylor wrote:

Just wondering if people would be interested if we redirected
the gtk-bugs gtk org alias to a mailing list
that people could subscribe to. (Right now you can ask
me to be added to gtk-bugs gtk org, but you have to know
to do so.)

This is the alias that (virtually) all GTK+ and GLib bugs are assigned to.

It's very high traffic with quite a large automated-spam component, but pretty much essential to be on if you want to track what's going on in GTK+/GLib development in detail.
It should already be possible for someone to do this in bugzilla without creating a mailing list. In your user preferences, go to email options, turn on "new email tech", and add gtk-bugs gtk org to the list of users to watch. Whenever an email is going to be sent to gtk-bugs gtk org, an email will be sent to you as well.


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