Re: GtkListStore memory leak?

Todd Kulesza <todd dropline net> writes:

> Hi,
> 	I know this is more of a gtk-app question, but if anyone knows
> the answer there, they're not responding.  I'm working with a rather
> large GtkListStore, and finding that calls to gtk_list_store_clear do
> not free any memory.  At first I thought this was because of caching
> issues, and that the memory would be used when i added more items to
> the list. However, my memory consumption only increases.  My program
> now uses 176 megs of ram while running, but the data itself fits in a
> 300k xml file. Is this the intended way for a list to work?  Is there
> something I have to do to free the memory manually?  I've looked at
> the source to GTK+ and found no calls inside
> gtk_list_store_remove_silently that seem to actually free the column
> data from each row, and I can't figure out how to use the row-deleted
> signal to free it, either.  Thanks,

What are you putting in the list store?


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