Re: Pango 1.1.1

Owen Taylor wrote:

> > At first FcConfig just put a wrong entry into its config.h
> > as the last line was:
> > #define FONTCONFIG_PATH "$(prefix)/etc/fonts"
> > instead of 
> > #define FONTCONFIG_PATH "/usr/local/etc/fonts"
> > or whatever was intended. I changed that to where my
> > font.conf really is.
> I don't see how this is possible. $(prefix) is not valid
> shell syntax and doesn't occur anywhere in etc. The only
> way I can see this happening is if you configured
>  ./configure --sysconfdir="$(prefix)/etc".

I just did ./configure and nothing else. I read the
recommendation to do it differently later.

> > Now Xft doesn't find any font or at least it
> > doesn't find the Nimbus font. 
> Can you put a call to FcPatternPrint
> (xfont->font_pattern) into 
> pango/pangoxft.c-font.c:pango_xft_font_get_font()
> and see what pattern is failing?

Will do.


Robert Roebling, MD <robert roebling medizin uni-ulm de>

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